founding farmers



Location: 1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Runners up: Ted’s Bulletin, Farmers Fishers Bakers


If the food didn’t taste so good, it’d be much easier to scoff at the long wait times and groups of hungover, sunglass-sporting brunch-goers.


Year after year, Founding Farmers holds its own in the brunch world by serving food that’s not only Instagram-worthy, but sustainably farmed. The restaurant believes in using “quality and natural ingredients,” according to its website, though it admits because of price and availability it doesn’t always “make sense” to use local or organic ingredients.


An extensive brunch menu is available on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., which includes sweet crowd-pleasers like maple cinnamon syrup-stuffed French toast served with vanilla pastry cream and red velvet pancakes (each $8). Those craving a more savory meal can indulge in tomato Florentine eggs benedict or a roasted vegetable pan scramble (each $10).


The restaurant also appeals to groups: Shared plates ($8 each) include beignets – served with caramel, chocolate and raspberry sauces – and peanut butter banana toast topped with marshmallow crème and chocolate pearls.


- Dana Pilotti