Burger Tap & Shake



Location: 2200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Runners up: Bobby’s Burger Palace, Lindy's Red Lion


Burger Tap & Shake has an eclectic menu that crisscrosses the world of toppings. Fire-roasted green chiles, mushrooms from the United Kingdom, pickled jalapenos and Texas chili con carne are just a few options. And with signature burgers for $8 like the Upstream Run (ground salmon, Asian slaw, sriracha aioli and mixed greens) and the Big Daddy (smoked Benton Bacon, buttermilk blue cheese, mushrooms and its homemade AP sauce – a blend of mayo, ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce and chipotle), BTS has a burger for everybody.


But I stick with the Six Buck Chuck and a side of sweet potato fries. There’s no reason to stray from the $6 classic (lettuce, pickles, onion, tomato and AP sauce on a medium-rare beef) that fills me up for the day with a swipe of my GWorld card.


As for drinks, the “shaketail” is a bad name for a great concept. BTS offers spiked, thick milkshakes like the Apocalypto (Fireball cinnamon whiskey, marshmallow and chocolate ice cream) and Talladega Nights (Firefly sweet tea vodka, limoncello, vanilla ice cream and lemon juice) for $8. And if you’re not feeling boozy, the regular milkshakes pair well with just about any burger.


- Jeanine Marie